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Learning Thai Tenses with dâai ได้  - Book II 

Secrets 15–22

ISBN 978-952-6651-40-8

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Learning Thai Quick and Easy

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Our books are suitable for self-study and can also be used as an aid in the classroom. They contain a vast number of tips to assist you in learning Thai and understanding some of the crucial cultural aspects of the language.

These books and CDs will set you on the road to confident Thai language learning.



Dhyan Manik: Learning Thai with dâai ได้ - Book I 

Secrets 1–14

ISBN  978-952-6651-20-0



Dhyan Manik: Learning Thai Tenses with dâai ได้ Book II 

Secrets 15–22

ISBN 978-952-6651-40-8



Dhyan Manik: Learning Thai with hâi (+CD) 
ISBN 978-952-6651-15-6                                                                                                                                                                                          





 Dhyan Manik: 22 Secrets of Learning Thai – Complete Guide to Sounds, Tones and Writing System (+2 CD)

ISBN 978-952-5572-85-8