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Dhyan Manik: 

Mastering Thai Grammar and Tenses with lɛ́ɛu แล้ว

- Book I 

Series: 22 Secrets of Learning Thai

ISBN 978-9526651446

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ISBN 978-9526651446

Series: 22 Secrets of Learning Thai

This book explains how to understand Thai tenses naturally from the context. Whether the sentence refers to the present or past time depends on the five different types of verbs and the time indicator lɛ́ɛu แล้ว. In addition to the natural time aspect, the reader will also learn how to use time words, tense markers and express anticipated future time.


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The Thai time aspect is entirely different from the English tense system, which can be rather complicated. In Thai, instead of tenses, we focus on:
- pàt-tsùbanna-kaan ปัจจุบัน กาล present time, now or nowadays
- adìitta-kaan อดีต กาล past time or completed actions
- anaakhótta-kaan อนาคต กาล future time or future planning

This book is for anyone who wants to learn and improve their Thai language skills. If you are an intuitive person, concentrate more on spoken and written sentences. If you are more grammar-oriented, focus on the explanations and grammatical rules. The book provides numerous example sentences, along with audio spoken by native speakers, to help you get into the flow of the language. When you master the Thai tenses with lɛ́ɛu แล้ว, your language skills will improve significantly.

In this three-book series, we have two exciting titles coming soon. The first one is Mastering Thai Grammar and Conjunction Words (Book II), which focuses on teaching how to connect words, phrases, and sentences together. The second book, Mastering Thai Language and Grammar (Book III), offers a comprehensive overview and introduction to a range of fascinating idiomatic and colloquial expressions.



ISBN 978-9526651460

Series: Learning Thai Quickly and Easily

Understanding the structure and grammar of the Thai language is very important since it may differ considerably from your own language.

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Thai is not as difficult as it seems. The common problem for foreigners who are studying Thai is how to learn new words and how to pronounce them correctly. This book helps on the way to reach your goal – to speak Thai fluently. It contains more than 1500 commonly used Thai words. They have been organized according to the relevant subject matter and grammatical function. There are many tips and example sentences to help you use these words.


Included are: • All Thai consonant and vowel sounds • Original Thai words compared to foreign origin words • Personal pronouns and family members • Days, weeks, months, seasons and numbers • Telling time – 24-hour clock compared to the Thai style • Foods, drinks and spices • Travelling, places, buildings and countries of the world • Names of animals and insects • Health words and personal items • Adjectives, adverbs and verbs • Thai question words, prepositions and conjunction words • Classifiers and prefixes • tsai ใจ heart -word • Summary of the Thai tenses • “Words of wisdom”


This book has been designed to be used together with the book ”Learning Thai with Original Thai Words”. It can be used as a complement with any other Thai learning book.



ISBN 978-9526651439

Series:  Learning Thai Quickly and Easily  

Do you want to learn to speak Thai as naturally as Thais do? Thai is not as difficult as you may think! If you follow the guidelines of this book, you will acquire a basic knowledge of the language in just a few weeks. 

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 Students, usually, face several obstacles when studying Thai. In this book, we shall explain clearly what these obstacles are and how to overcome them. We shall also point out what you need to know and what you may ignore when learning to speak Thai. This will ensure your time and effort is focused on the things that really matter. You will be in position to make an informed decision on how to proceed and deepen your language skills.


We use a simple and direct method which is easy to comprehend. You don't have to master the complex Thai writing system in order to speak Thai fluently. In this book, we concentrate on ”original Thai words” which form a very important part of the Thai vocabulary and are used by Thais every day in conversation.

The book is designed in such a way that it can be used by both beginners and by those who have already reached intermediate level.


Included are:

• written examples and sentences

• audio spoken by native speakers

• highlights, explanations and examples on “how the language works”

• simple and easy to understand advice

• hints and tips on spoken Thai language

• “Take it further” section which includes a vast number of additional important words and information


Now, you can tell all your friends that learning Thai can be easy. Read this book and you will discover how! 



ISBN 978-9526651200

Secrets 1–14


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you certainly want to learn to speak Thai fluently. This book will take you a long way towards your goal.

dâai ได้ is one of the most common words in Thai. It is a multifunctional helping verb and is used by Thais in several different ways. It has many distinct meanings depending on where it is placed in a sentence and which other words are used with it. With this book you won’t just learn how to use dâai ได้ but will also acquire a deeper knowledge of the Thai language in general.

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 Included are:

• complete and informative written examples

• audio spoken by native speakers

• highlights and explanations of dâai’s ได้ usage

• sections of simple and easy to understand advice

• useful hints and tips on dâai ได้ and the spoken Thai language


Furthermore, you will get to see the language “through the eyes of dâai ได้”. Study this book and you will be rewarded; your Thai friends will be amazed at your deep understanding of the subtleties of their language. In the Book II (Secrets 15–22) you will learn how to use Thai tenses.



ISBN 978-9526651408


 Secrets 15–22


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you will surely want to learn to speak Thai fluently. In order to do this, it is vital to use time words and tense markers correctly. 

 The English term tense is also a handy way to talk about past, present and future activities in Thai, even though there are no tenses as such in the Thai language. When compared to English, Thai tenses are expressed very differently.


It is often said that dâai ได้ denotes a past tense. However, it would be better not to think of dâai ได้ as the past tense marker since it can also be used to refer to present or future events.
To help you speak Thai fluently the Book II includes: 


• complete and informative written examples


• audio spoken by native speakers


• highlights and explanations of dâai’s ได้ usage


• sections of simple and easy to understand advice 


• useful hints and tips on dâai ได้ and the spoken Thai language


Books I and II complement each other. However, each book has a different focus. In Book I, Secrets 1–14, we introduced dâai ได้ and explained where it should be placed in sentences. dâaiได้ has several grammatical functions; hence, it also has several meanings depending on the context. In Book II, Secrets 15–22, we focus on tenses. 


Have fun while you study them both; then, you will understand how Thais express themselves in everyday life!  




ISBN 978-9526651156


hâi, along with words like dâai, láew and kôr, is one of the most important words in the Thai language. 


When speaking Thai, it is important to understand the correct usage of the verb hâi in everyday speech. 

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One simple way to use the verb hâi is to give something to someone. It is used in a similar manner as the English verb to give. 


In addition, hâi is used as a causative verb which has several different meanings depending on the situation, and the way it is spoken. It can be translated into English as to let, to allow, to make and even to order or to force someone to do something. 


In some situations hâi is better translated into English as the preposition for, as in for you, for me etc. It is also often used in idiomatic phrases where it carries no meaning itself but denotes only the sense of a command. 

Thais use the verb hâi in an intuitive way in a variety of situations in order to express feelings, wishes, commands and nuances of meaning while communicating with each other every day. 
If you learn this word well, you will be rewarded.




ISBN 978-9525572858


Twenty-two Secrets of Learning Thai teaches you all the sounds used in spoken and written Thai. It includes 20 consonant sounds, 18 pure vowel sounds, all special vowels and vowels combinations. It points out the main obstacles for learners, for example which Thai sounds are most difficult for an English speaker to produce. It then gives you handy tips to help overcome these difficulties. Much care has been taken to describe each sound in phonetic as well as in practical terms so that everyone should be able to grasp the correct way to produce Thai sounds. 

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The book has been designed so that it can be used by all levels of Thai learners. It contains a special exercise section, which teaches you in a step by step manner how to learn to read Thai script. At the same time all the Thai tone rules are taught in theory and practice. The student will get to know the most common Thai consonant symbols as well as rare symbols mostly borrowed from Indic languages, Pali and Sanskrit.

The book includes two audio CDs which feature more than 500 words spoken by native speakers to give you examples of how the words are produced in practice. In addition to individual words, the audio CDs feature many of the most common expressions used by Thai people in everyday conversation.

This book is suitable for self-study and can also be used as an aid in the classroom. It contains a vast number of tips to assist you in learning Thai and understanding some of the crucial cultural aspects of the language.

This book and CDs will set you on the road to confident Thai language learning.