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Series: Learning Thai Quickly and Easily

ISBN 978-952-6651-46-0


22 Secrets of Learning Thai22 Secrets of Learning Thai
22 Secrets of Learning Thai
It is recommended that you use the book alongside with these audio files.
Thai voices: Ms. Waree Singhanart, Mr. Watit Pumyoo
English voice: Mr. Mark G. Harris


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CD 1

I  Introduction to basic phonetics
CD1 01.mp3 – Sound exercise 1 (page 32)
II Basic sounds
CD1 02.mp3 – Sound exercise 2 -  Stop lip sounds p ป, b บ and closed vowel sounds ì อิ, ii อี (page 42)  


CD1 03.mp3 – Sound exercise 3 - Stop lip sounds ph พ, ph ผ and closed vowel sounds ʉ̀ อึ, ʉʉ อือ (page 50) 


 CD1 04.mp3 – Sound exercise 4 - Fricative lip-teeth sounds f ฟ, f ฝ and closed vowel sounds ù อุ, uu อ (page 58)


 CD1 05.mp3 – Sound exercise 5 - Stop teeth sounds th ท, th ถ and half open vowel sounds è เอะ, ee เอ (page 66)


CD1 06.mp3 – Sound exercise 6 - Stop teeth sounds t ต, d ด and half open vowel sounds ə̀ เออะ, əə ออ (page 75)


CD1 07.mp3 – Sound exercise 7 Fricative teeth sounds s ซ, s ส and half open vowel sounds ò โอะ, oo โอ (page 85)


CD1 08.mp3 – Sound exercise 8 – Stop front sounds ʧ ช, ʧ ฉ, ts จ and open vowel sounds ɛ ̀ แอะ, ɛɛ แอ (page 97)


CD1 09.mp3 – Sound exercise 9 – Stop back sounds kh ข, kh ค, k ก and open vowel sounds à อะ, aa อา (page 108)


CD1 10.mp3 – Sound exercise 10 – Fricative glottal sounds h ฮ and h ห and open vowel sounds ɔ̀ เอาะ, ɔɔ ออ (page 118)


CD1 11.mp3 – Sound exercise 11 – Sonorant consonant sounds m ม, n น and special vowels am อํา, au เอา (page 131)

CD1 12.mp3 – Sound exercise 12 – Sonorant consonant sounds l ล, r ร and special vowels ai ใอ, ai ไอ (page 144)


CD1 13.mp3 – Sound exercise 13 – Sonorant consonant sounds ng ง and diphthongs ìa เอียะ, iia เอีย (page 154)


CD1 14.mp3 – Sound exercise 14 – Sonorant consonant sound y ย and diphthongs ʉ̀a เอือะ, ʉʉa เอือ (page 164)


CD1 15.mp3 – Sound exercise 15 – Sonorant consonant sound w ว and diphthongs ùa อั วะ, uua อั ว (page 175)


CD 2

III Vowel combinations


CD2 01.mp3 – Sound exercise 16a – Short vowel combinations with two sounds iu อิว, ui อุย, eu เอ็ว, ai อัย (page 189)


CD2 02.mp3 – Sound exercise 16b – Long vowel combinations with two sounds eeu เอว, əəi เอย, ooi โอย, ɛɛu แอว, aai อาย, aau อาว, ɔɔi ออย (page 198)


CD2 03.mp3 – Sound exercise 16c – Long vowel combinations with three sounds iiau เอียว, ʉʉai เอือย, uuai อวย (page 205)


IV Consonant clusters


CD2 04.mp3 – Sound exercise 17 – Consonant clusters (page 215)


V Comparing sounds


CD2 05.mp3 – Sound exercise 18a – Same sound but different tone (page 227)


CD2 06.mp3 – Sound exercise 18b – Similar consonant sounds (page 229)


CD2 07.mp3 – Sound exercise 18c – Consonant sounds that do not exist in English (page 232)


CD2 08.mp3 – Sound exercise 18d – Similar vowel sounds (page 233)


CD2 09.mp3 – Sound exercise 18e – Vowel sounds that do not exist in Standard English (page 236)


VI Final sounds


CD2 10.mp3 – Sound exercise 19a – Final sounds – closed ending (page 246)


CD2 11.mp3 – Sound exercise 19b – Final sounds – open ending (page 249)


VII Tones of the Thai language


CD2 12.mp3 – Sound exercise 20 – Tones of the Thai language (page 278)


CD2 13.mp3 – Sound exercise 21 – Complete list of Thai vowels (page 301)


CD2 14.mp3 – Sound exercise 22 – Complete list of consonants according to the alphabetic order (page 331)