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Learning Thai Tenses with dâai ได้  - Book II 

Secrets 15–22

ISBN 978-952-6651-40-8

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Welcome to Learn Thai Tenses with dâai ได้




Part I - dâai ได้ and tenses simplifyed


Daai_Secret_15.mp3 basic sentences (page 17)


Part II -  dâai ได้ and times words and time indicators


Daai_Secret_16.mp3 -  times words (page 44)


Daai_Secret_17.mp3  - times words of frequency (page 66)


Daai_Secret_18.mp3 - the times indicators  lɛ́ɛu แล้ว and yùu อย่ (page 90)


Part III - dâai ได้ and tense markers


Daai_Secret_19.mp3 - the present time tense markers kamlang กำลัง and yùu อย่ (page 125)


Daai_Secret_20.mp3  - the past time tense markers khəəi เคย and phʉ̂ng เพิ่ง (page 156)


Daai_Secret_21.mp3 -  the furure time tense marker tsà จะ (page 194)
Part IV - dâai ได้ and duration of time


Daai_Secret_22.mp3 - direction verbs maa มา and pai ไป (page 234)