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Series: Learning Thai Quickly and Easily

ISBN 978-952-6651-46-0


Learning Thai With hâi ให้
It is recommended that you use the book alongside with these audio files.
Thai voices: Ms. Waree Singhanart
English voice: Mr. Mark G. Harris


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Click the name of the file in order to listen. You can also download the soundfile after clicking by pressing icon "arrow down". 


Part I – hâi ให้ to give as a main verb


Chapter 01.mp3   Secret 1 hâi ให้ to give as a main verb giving something to someone (page 18)


Chapter 02.mp3  – Secret 2 hâi ให้ giving something to someone with kàp กับ or kɛ̀ɛ แก่ (page 28)


Chapter 03.mp3  – Secret 3 hâi ให้ changing a noun into a verb (page 37)


Part II – hâi ให้ as a causative verb


Chapter 04.mp3 – Secret 4 hâi ให้ as a causative verb alone (page 46)


Chapter 05.mp3  – Secret 5 hâi ให้ as a causative compound verb for making something happen (page 58)


Chapter 06.mp3  – Secret 6 hâi ให้ as a causative compound verb for allowing (page 68)


Chapter 07.mp3  – Secret 7 hâi ให้ as a causative compound verb for making a request (page 79)


Chapter 08.mp3  – Secret 8 hâi ให้ as a causative compound verb for firm ordering (page 94)


Chapter 09.mp3  – Secret 9 hâi ให้ and some special verbs (page 106)


Part III – hâi ให้ and offering help and being polite


Chapter 10.mp3  – Secret 10 hâi ให้ and offering help (page 117)


Chapter 11.mp3  – Secret 11 hâi ให้ and being polite (page 125)

Chapter 12.mp3  – Secret 12 hâi ให้ with persuasion and invitation (page 135)
Part IV – hâi ให้ before pronouns, adjectives and adverbs


Chapter 13.mp3  – Secret 13 hâi ให้ as a preposition for – for you... for me (page 145)


Chapter 14.mp3  – Secret 14 hâi ให้ before adjectives (page 156)


Chapter 15.mp3  – Secret 15 hâi ให้ before adverbs (page 167)


Chapter 16.mp3  – Secret 16 hâi ให้ as until (page 178)


Chapter 17.mp3  – Secret 17 hâi ให้ in idiomatic expressions (page 187)


Part V – More practice with hâi ให้


Chapter 18.mp3  – Secret 18 hâi ให้ between two verbs (page 197)


Chapter 19.mp3  – Secret 19 hâi ให้ and questions (page 206)


Chapter 20.mp3  – Secret 20 hâi ให้ and negatives statements (page 221)


Chapter 21.mp3  – Secret 21 hâi ให้ several times in one statement (page 233)


Chapter 22.mp3  – Secret 22 hâi ให้ and changing the word order (page 246)