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To be released in November 2019:

Dhyan Manik: Learning Thai with Original Thai Words

Series: Learning Thai Quickly and Easily

ISBN 978-952-6651-43-9

Make learning fun!

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Learning Thai With Original Thai Words
Introduction 00.mp3
Chapter 01.mp3 - Simple expressions – coming and going (page 13)
Chapter 02.mp3  - Using personal pronouns, nouns and adjectives (page 21)
Chapter 03.mp3 - My name is..., to have, there is, to show possession (page 29)
Chapter 04.mp3 - At the market and buying things (page 39)
Chapter 05.mp3 - Eating and drinking (page 51)
Chapter 06.mp3 - Going out - romantic meeting (page 63)
Chapter 07.mp3 - Question words (page 71)
Chapter 08.mp3 - Colours, tastes and flavours (page 81)
Chapter 09.mp3 - At the pharmacy and not being well (page 93)
Chapter 10.mp3 - Using prepositions, nouns, adjectives and adverbs (page 105)
Chapter 11.mp3 - Using adverbs of frequency - "how often" -words (page 119)
Chapter 12.mp3 - Comparisons: more, less, most, same, equal, as (page 131)
Chapter 13.mp3 - Using  hâi ให้ and dâai ได้ - to give and to get (page 143)
Chapter 14.mp3 - Using lɛ́ɛo แล้ว and kɔ̂ɔ ก็ (159)
Chapter 15.mp3 - Expressing Thai tenses (page 177)
Chapter 16.mp3 - Thai tenses – duration of time / point of time (page 199)
Chapter 17.mp3 - Expression of time, clock time, days, months, years (page 215)
Chapter 18.mp3 - Using classifiers and numbers (page 233)
Chapter 19.mp3 - Using Thai prefixes to form special meanings (page 251)
Chapter 20.mp3 - Connecting words, phrases and sentences (page 283)
Chapter 21.mp3 - Tones of the Thai language (page 299)